Council for a Strong America


Five organizations of powerful leaders preparing the next generation to be well-educated, physically fit, and prepared for productive lives.

about us

Council for a Strong America is a national, bipartisan nonprofit that unites membership organizations, including law enforcement leaders, retired admirals and generals, and business executives, that promote solutions ensuring that our next generation of Americans will be successful, productive members of society. Council for a Strong America has a 25-year track record of strengthening families, communities, the economy, and our national security.

strong start

A strong start in the earliest years of a child’s life lays the foundation that all later learning and success is built upon. Quality early childhood experiences are key to helping kids to grow up healthy, productive, and crime-free.

From home visiting to quality early learning and care programs, Council for a Strong America supports the programs and policies that strengthen families, reduce crime, and avoid other costly outcomes. Investments in programs like these help us build a stronger and safer country in the years to come.

our members

Council for Strong America is comprised of over 10,000 members spanning five organizations:


• Fight Crime: Invest in Kids – 4900+ members


• ReadyNation – 3000+ members

• Mission: Readiness – 750+ members


• Shepherding the Next Generation – 1000+ members


• Champions for America’s Future – 350+ members

Pre-k is key

Preschool is key to boosting school success and enhancing public safety. The nation could realize billions in societal benefits by increasing access to high-quality preschool programs. We know that one of the best ways to keep young people from becoming involved in crime later on is to make sure they have a foundation for educational success in their earliest years. In particular, by providing access to high-quality preschool education for kids today, we can see less crime and incarceration in the future, while reaping enormous economic and societal benefits.